When deciding what materials to use on your roof, you should consider the benefits and features of each available material. Traditional shingles have been used for years, but there are other materials that can give an equal or even better result for protecting a home.

Metal roofing has come to the forefront lately with its incredible durability and ability to protect your home significantly longer than other types of roofing. In a colder climate such as Ontario, Canada, the benefits are even greater as well.

Slate Red Enhanced Metal Roof

You don’t have to worry about style when it comes to metal roofing. Unlike most people’s impression of boring steel roofing, there is a wide variety of style and colour options for metal roofs. The classic look of old asphalt shingles can be mimicked by these new and durable metal roofing systems. The advancements in steel roofing have come a long way and are customizable to your own unique style to match your home’s look and feel.

Having a metal roof gives you durability against the elements. Shingled roofs often need repair after just 12 years. Most metal roofs carry a lifetime warranty and the finish that protects these roofs won’t wear off for at least 20 years. We are talking about a roof that is virtually never going to need replacement, and will only have to be maintained every 20 years. This is a much better option than the conventional roofs that have been used in the past.

Upgrading your roof to a metal roof with the help of the expert team at Paramount Permanent Roofing is quite simple. With traditional roofing it is required that the existing roof equipment is removed, but a metal roof is so lightweight that it can be installed over existing roof material, making it more environmentally-friendly and faster to install.

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